About us

We started this company originally in Baghdad, Iraq in 1979 by my father, George Sewa Kasha. It was closed down in 2004 due to the crisis in Iraq. After it was closed down, I had to re-open it and decided to bring it to the United States and opened it up in Sterling Heights, Michigan to keep the tradition going. I wanted everyone here to taste fine Middle Eastern sweets using the same natural ingredients that my father used back home and receive the best service from a family owned business. We are proud to say we use fresh and preservative free ingredients for our products and use nothing but the best and highest quality.
We are famous for our Iraqi cake named "mkhumer" done the original way.
We also serve all sorts of sweets such as baklava, using Iranian pistachios or English walnuts, kahi, mushebik and kunafa. We also make fresh cookies using pure clarified butter.

We also make custom special occasional cakes, by our professional chef, for baptisms, weddings & engagements, First Communions, birthdays and all types of showers.

We hope to see you all come out and try us and come back!

Thank you to all!

The sweets story

We are proud to say all of our ingredients are fresh and preservative free. We use nothing but the best and high quality ingredients for our products. Everything is hand-made and our cakes are all custom made, from our professional chef, to suit any occasion you need, ranging from weddings, engagements, birthdays, baptisms and first communions.